Protect Hometown Healthcare is a registered Florida political action committee (PAC). We are an issues oriented committee and we do not make contributions to candidates for office or support their campaigns. We may directly (as an issues advocacy organization) support or oppose state-wide political issues.

One important area of emphasis is to advocate positions and encourage the participation of local residents concerning issues affecting the quality of health care provided in Florida’s local communities. We maintain a continual presence in monitoring, researching and acting on key health care issues impacting Florida’s local communities.

Individuals and/or corporations may contribute to Protect Hometown Healthcare and there are no restrictions on the amount that can be contributed. Contributions are not limited to the usual $500 maximum as they are for candidates. We must report all contributions and expenditures to the Florida Division of Elections on a periodic basis and they are public record. Individuals cannot make anonymous contributions. Please join our efforts by donating to Protect Hometown Healthcare.


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